how do so many people choose columbus, indiana?

how does columbus, indiana define “small city”?

will I feel like a part of the community?

if I listen to my heart, could I land in columbus, indiana?

We’re a community of talent with a talent for community. Watch our video to see if Columbus just might be the unexpected home you are searching for.

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We’re in the American Midwest on I-65 between Indianapolis, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. That puts us about 3.5 hours from Chicago, Nashville and St. Louis, too.


You’ve got your 8-to-5 covered, but what about the non-work hours? Well, you can get involved right away, from volunteer to leisure activities. On the leisure side, you’ll enjoy the foodie and brewery scene, our world-renowned architecture, hiking and biking trails, our amateur cricket team and live music. If you’re looking for networking and volunteer opportunities, you might want to check out Columbus Young Professionals or CAMEO, the Columbus Multi-Ethnic Organization.

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We have a low cost of living for a high quality of life. The median home price in Bartholomew County is about $150,000, compared to the U.S. median price of $226,800—40% more house for your money. Our cost of living is less than the U.S. average in all areas, from groceries to utilities to health care.

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Yes! Our population of 20- and 30-year-olds with a college degree grew 62% over a 10-year period. The median age here is 35.7, with those in the 20-35 group making up a full 30% of the entire population.

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With 35 international companies employing 9,000 people, there’s a very good chance your significant other will find a solid career. We also have an outstanding public education system, with opportunities for teachers, administrators and counselors. Our regional health care system is also a big local employer, with employment for all levels of caregivers, techs and professional staff. And if higher education is a goal, your significant other could pursue a graduate or undergraduate program at Indiana University Purdue University Columbus, Ivy Tech Community College or Purdue Polytechnic.

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The Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation provides an excellent education for our local youth, with project-based learning at all levels from kindergarten through high school graduation. Families with young children can elect to have their students participate in the Legado Spanish Immersion Academy. And with two high schools in the county, there’s a fun cross-town rivalry for the big games. There are also options for private schools in Columbus.

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